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i'd like to run away... - something for nothing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i'd like to run away... [Sep. 6th, 2004|07:46 pm]
[mood |bouncyincredibly happy]
[music |letter kills - clock is down]

today was so much fun. i went target shopping with mary. we tried on all these crazy clothes and walked through the underwear section, where mary pointed out that underwear is secretly 10 times bigger than they say on the package. it's true too. mary bought these leopard print slippers and explained to me that the grippy things on the bottom of the slippers, aren't really that grippy at all. then we looked in the little boys section for shirts and were quite unsuccessful. and then we looked in the little girls section for pants and, again, were unsuccessful. all the pants had these ugly designs on them, like flowers. o yea! target had these socks that said "toadily cool" or something like that and, when we were walking around the store, we saw like a million things that had "toadily cool" on it. so, mary and i decided that the toads and pin-on flowers are taking over the world. then, we looked at cds and i bought the letter kills cd for $10. what a deal! ummm..so after we were done at target, we went to golden spoon and mary bought me a frozen yogurt. it was yummy. since it was really hot outside, we sat inside and looked at those real estate magazines. that wasn't too exciting. so then we went to mervyns (what an odd way to spell that) and mary tried on some crazy pointy toed boots, which was a lot of fun. after that we went to try on some hats and we found this huge, ugly purple hat and i put it on and it looked really bad. and mary said that it specially made for people with squid-shaped heads. we also looked in the kitchenwear section and there was this HUGE spatula that could double as a mirror so that you could look at your squid-shaped head in its new hat while you're making jumbo pancakes. then we took mary home and that was the end of the fun.

tomorrow the new senses fail cd comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o yes, and there was no earthquake. yay

[User Picture]From: squirrelguts
2004-09-06 08:28 pm (UTC)

hokay, so...

hahaha your entry made me laugh! i think i will have to look for the toadily cool stuff at target... and i would really like to see these squid hats too. lol pip. see you tomorrow!
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